You saw the need and you gave generously.

During the last few years, there have been spikes in hunger crises because of erratic weather patterns. Large regions are experiencing unusual, prolonged drought, while other regions are suffering heavier than normal rains and flooding. These weather patterns are causing crops to fail and livestock to die.

We know that when food runs out, children and families withthe added challenge of disability are even more at risk because these families have a harder time accessing the relief food that is available.

You helped these children and families who are so precious in God’s eyes.

Thanks to you, 390 households were fed, an estimated 1,600 people.

Each household received food packs containing sugar, cooking oil, sardines, flour and beans.

In addition, 800 bags of flour were distributed to schools for student feeding programs.

780 households received a total of 1,920 goats and a vet kit. 3,900 roadrunners were provided to 1,950 households. Gardening equipment and seeds were provided in 30 communities.

Thank you for giving generously!