Thanks to you, Operation Tanzania is a huge success – but what does that mean?

One-year-old Nasma arrived with her parents. They were dusty and tired after an arduous and barely affordable journey to the hospital. After waiting in the long lineup for hours, they were told the hospital was full and Nasma wouldn’t receive treatment for her blinding cataracts. They would have to try again another day.

Before they left to go home, their names were written in Erwin Telemans’ black book.

In this book, the CCBRT staff have been recording the names of kids with clubfeet, cataracts and other treatable disabilities who were turned away because the hospital didn’t have the capacity or resources to serve them.

Twelve thousand names are in that book!

Erwin said he would love to be able to throw his black book into the incinerator. Thanks to donors like you, he may soon be able to!

You supported Erwin’s team to build and equip a profit-generating private clinic to provide the middle and upper classes of Tanzania with fee-for-service medical care. The profits from this clinic will fund free treatments for children under 5 – for years to come.

Nasma and mother
Black book

Once this private clinic is fully operational, it will create a revenue stream large enough to fund free treatments for more than 7,500 children each and every year.

Operation Tanzania is a huge success because of you and a group of cbm supporters who offered to match every donation, dollar for dollar, up to $400,700.

Over the past two years you made Operation Tanzania a reality by giving $2.2 million!

Your investment will bring life-changing medical treatment to thousands of children for generations to come.

The day Erwin’s black book goes up in flames will be a day to celebrate!

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