You gave sight to 605,962 moms, dads and grandparents in 2016 through eye surgery, including 422,145 cataract operations.

“I am feeling so good now after the operation — I can see clearly with my right eye. I will pray to God — thank you so much!” says Mwanamisi

Two things Mwanamisi never imagined… One, that she would spend her later years in total blindness, unable to see the hands in front of her face, or the sweet face of her granddaughter who lovingly took care of her.

The second thing she never imagined was that a complete stranger, living in a faraway country, would pay for the cataract surgery she needed to see again. At 86 years of age, when she should have been enjoying her grandchildren, she couldn’t even see them. She couldn’t sweep the floor, cook food, or grow vegetables in her garden. She could only sit on the edge of her bed or feel her way along the walls of her house. Then she underwent miracle cataract surgery. Now, Mwanamisi is enjoying her restored sight, especially the chance to once again see the faces of those she loves.