Our goal for Operation Tanzania was $2.2 million over 2 years. In year one, you’ve given $1,181,519. With your help we’ll reach our commitment to the children of Tanzania by December 31, 2017. The impact your gifts will make for generations to come is amazing.

The poor get the profits!

Operation Tanzania is building a profit-generating private clinic to serve the growing middle and upper classes in Tanzania. The profits from this private clinic you support will provide free or subsidized medical care for generations of children, moms and dads caught in extreme poverty with disability. You’re providing free treatment for kids under 5 years old who have clubfoot, cleft lip and palate, cataracts and other treatable disabilities.

"We’re making great progress... and it wouldn’t happen without your support.“

Erwin Telemans, CEO of CCBRT
Erwin Telemans, CEO of CCBRT Disability Hospital, with a young patient after she received free treatment.

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