Whitney began walking at 9 months. When she was 3 years old she was in pre-school… and though they lived in poverty her mother, Sarah, was excited for her daughter’s future.

But then Whitney started having trouble seeing… eventually only making-out shadows and light. The little girl had cataracts… and Sarah had no idea what to do.

For years Whitney struggled. She was being left behind in school. Other children ridiculed her.

Yet Sarah prayed, “every evening, before sleeping, I send my prayers requesting the Almighty to enable my daughter to gain her sight again.”

Then one day Sarah took Whitney to a hospital supported by donors like you. They told her they could provide cataract surgery for her little girl.

In 2018, Canadians like you provided 467 children and 11,744 caregivers with cataract surgery.

And like all the other patients who you’ve helped, Whitney’s life transformed after surgery. She can walk to school with more assurance. She now runs with the other children, instead of being left behind.