At Christmas, our delightful donors found a variety of ways to share hope and healing with the world’s most vulnerable – let’s celebrate!


YOU gave 2,576 children, parents and grandparents the gift of sight so that they’re able to see their loved ones, return to school, earn a living or play with their friends.


YOU gave cute, productive, income-generating and nutrient-enriching: 878 goats, 1,261 pigs and 4,124 chickens to the poorest of the poor.


YOU gave a clean bill of health with water to 6,838 children, moms, dads and grandparents. Your gifts will prevent infections that all too often lead to disabilities.


YOU are well on your way to help eliminate trachoma—a bacterial eye infection—by providing 30,607 children with medication and 271 surgeries to stop eyelids from twisting inwards, causing pain and eventual blindness.


YOU gave 283 women healing, dignity-restoring, joy-returning fistula surgeries.