Shirley Holden (centre picture) is a committed cbm supporter. For at least 14 years she’s been receiving the cbm prayer diary.

Shirley’s been praying faithfully for the ministry for so long that she can say, “I feel like I know some of the partners in the prayer diary personally because I’ve been praying for them for so long.”

The faithful prayer warrior also knows that the praying goes both ways. “Not only do I pray for the organization, I’m also so thankful for the prayer cards that I received from cbm staff after they prayed for me and my family,” states Shirley.

Her commitment to the organization also includes Shirley leaving a legacy gift to cbm in her Will.

In 2018, 38 donors left a gift in their Will to provide healing medical care to 1,655 children and 15,286 caregivers living in poverty with disability.