Thanks to you, our healinghug supporters provided 3,074 children with life-giving medical care and a cute, cuddly teddy bear to hug.

One of these healinghug supporters came up with a creative and fun way to care for a child in need.

Patricia Webb from Burlington, Ontario decided to have a jar in her kitchen specifically for collecting money to give a healinghug to a child in need. She said it’s so easy to put a loonie in the jar whenever she has a coffee at home instead of going out.

Every time her son comes home, she asks him to empty his pockets of change and put the money into the jar. And Patricia even encouraged her granddaughter by getting her to do errands for grandma and then putting her earnings into the jar.

Patricia said she feels full of joy because of what she’s doing.

The whole family is now involved – as her husband found a huge cookie jar to collect all their donations hoping it would be big enough for this family hug.

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Every child deserves a hug