For Claire’s (my granddaughter’s) third birthday, I decided to give a healinghug to Ebenezer, a 17-year-old Ugandan boy with cerebral palsy.

I gave the matching healinghugs bear to Claire, and I explained to her that for her birthday gift I would send money to help a boy who needed to visit the hospital. I told Claire the bear we sent Ebenezer would help take care of him and make him feel better.

At that time, little did we know that Claire would need to go to the hospital for an inner ear problem. She insisted on taking her healinghugs bear with her. The bear did a wonderful job of taking care of her and making her feel brave enough to face surgery. When she awoke in the recovery room, she had her bear and a big smile on her face.

What a beautiful connection!

by Su Brock, healinghugs supporter

Since April 2014, our healinghugs supporters gave 6,222 children living in poverty with disability the hope and healing they need to have a second chance at a full life.